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Artist Spent 12 YEARS Photographing A Foetus Growing In The Womb – THIS Is What He Saw.

Appreciating the miracle of life.

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to live your life as if everything is a miracle. Sometimes we forget that we are 1 in 7 billion, we are not a coincidence, we were put here for a reason. Whether you believe it or not, you should make something of yourself, you deserve it!

Albert Einstein once said:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson concurred with:

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common”

There is something incredible about the birth of a child, just how did that little baby boy happen? Our women are marvellous creatures,  we should look after them and treat them well, because they are the only people able to bear our children, and get back to business.

The greatest miracle is that you are here, you are alive, you are able to engage in conversation. How does a mass of flesh and blood partake and experience life as marvellously as we do through different senses?

We are the miracle.

And it all started here…



Source: Lennart Nilsson H/T: littlechurchmouse

Build A Living Kid’s Playhouse That Brings Them Back To Mother Nature

kid’s-playhouseWhen we were young, outside wasn’t just the best option, it was the only option. It was the only option I considered anyway. Still years away from home computers and social media, we had marbles, toy cars, and adventures. To make it to an unknown plot of forest was equivalent to a brand new adventure of at least the entire day. Maybe two, if we were lucky.

Society’s shift has been clear and it’s a shift indoors. Hidden behind screens and doors, our kids need to get back into the world. Just a trip to the garden is enough of an invitation to learn something about the world. Get your kids outside by becoming Mother Nature and growing a living playhouse your kids will love, and learn from.

The Runner Bean “Teepee” Den

This one is probably the easiest of all the playhouses to create, plus one that will give you some tasty runner beans for the whole family to enjoy throughout the summer season.

What You Need:

1) 8 – 10 long bamboo canes (6 – 7 feet minimum).

2) Gardening string or a cable tie or similar.

3) A packet of runner bean seeds.

4) Large roll of gardening string or a roll of chicken wire (optional).


1) Choose a spare area of garden, either on a border, or on the lawn. You’ll have to remove a small area of lawn to plant the seeds.

2) Push your bamboo canes into the ground in a circle to form a large pyramid/teepee shape. Leave a large gap between two of the canes for an entrance. Secure the tops of the canes together using either a some garden string, twine, or wire.

3) For best results cover bamboo teepee in either chicken wire, or a network of gardening string.

4) Dig one square foot (12″x 12″ and 12″ deep) around the bases if the bamboo canes.

5) Add compost and/or well rotted manure.

5) Poke two holes approximately 1 – 2″ deep at the base of each cane.

6) Drop one runner bean seed into each hole and fill the hole with water. Once the water has drained away gently drag soil back over the holes and then water again thoroughly. (Runner Beans seeds can also be started off in 3″ pots and transplanted when they reach about 6″ tall).

NOTE: You’ll need to protect the seedlings from slugs by manually removing the slugs every evening until the bean plants are about 6″ tall.

7) If the Runner Beans don’t find the bamboo naturally you can carefully wrap the main shoots around the first part of the bamboo canes or chicken wire until they begin to climb on their own.

8) Keep weeds down and moisture in using lawn mowings or bark chips around the fresh Runner Bean plants. Water frequently.

Now you and your children can watch their playhouse come to life and grow up all on its own. The beans grow quickly, giving new lessons and questions every day.Your kids will love the fun of harvesting their own beans, and how pretty the playhouse will look covered in the delicate red flowers that runner beans produce. Remember to keep harvesting the beans regularly; this encourages the plants to continue flowering.

Start growing early and this playhouse will last most of Spring to the end of the Summer.

The Willow Den

This playhouse is more permanent, so select your location carefully. This playhouse is best built on moist soil because willow roots like moisture.

You will need:

1) A large bundle of long green willow rods about 6ft long.

2) Straw, for the base. This needs to be changed regularly. (Alternatively, you can use a natural weed suppressing material, like jute/hessian weed control mats.)


1) First lay your straw or suppressing mat across the surface of the area you intend to grow your children’s playhouse.

2) Two and three year old rods are best for creating the base because of their height. Punch holes (approx 2 – 3″ in diameter) through the areas in the straw or mat where your rods need to be planted. This creates the frame of your playhouse. Place the longest rods and tie the tops together, like a teepee. Don’t forget to leave space for an entrance.

3) Use the two year old rods as uprights and one year old rods as the diagonal weave.

The top of the den will be open at first. New growth will gradually close the gap, and can be woven and tied for winter maintenance in the following years.

I know we’re focussing on getting the kids outdoors, but by growing living playhouses that have no capability for TVs to be plugged in, or iPhones to be recharged, I think it’s a good start. Plus, they’ll learn a thing or two about the beauty of nature, without resorting to pictures from the internet.


This Lion Was Rescued From A Circus. When He Touches Grass For The First Time? My Heart Melts.

Imagine being locked in a cage for 13 years, only let out to be put on a stage to perform tricks and rehearse your training over and over.

Such was the case with this lion. He was living in a fishbowl and had no concept of the natural outdoors which he was instinctively attracted to, as this video proves. Finally, this lion was rescued from the horrors of the circus, and released to natural surroundings. As you can see in this video, even though he is fully grown, he is acting like a little baby lion, rolling around in the grass, playing, and totally loving his newly found freedom!

A very moving video that will make you think strongly about the horrible, unnatural conditions that circus animals live in.


These 25 Extremely Odd Things Are Happening On Earth RIGHT NOW. #5 Is Freaky.

These photos might look like they come from an alien planet, but it turns out our own little Earth is capable of some truly weird stuff.

All of these things occur naturally across the globe because of, like, science and stuff. A lot of the reasons why go over my head, but it’s all true. It’s easy to appreciate the wondrous beauty of Earth without knowing exactly how it happens.

Some of these are cringe-worthy, but others make me want to buy a plane ticket. And I am definitely going to pay closer attention to sunsets from now on. Take a look at some of the cool things you didn’t realize happen on our home planet.

1. Never-ending Wave: Occurs twice a year in Brazil when the Atlantic ocean meets the mouth of the Amazon River. The resulting waves can travel 500 miles inland before slowing down.


2. Under-water Crop Circles: In Japan, male pufferfish flapping their fins create these alien-esque circles in the sand.


3. Bleeding Glacier: Also known as “Blood Falls” in Antarctica, the outflowing water resembles blood due to iron oxide.


4. Blue Lava: Due to the combustion of sulfuric gases at extremely high temperatures, this volcano in Indonesia produces the blue glowing lava.


5. Calcifying Lake: This creepy lake in Tanzania, Lake Natron, has such high pH levels that it calcifies any animal that goes into the water.


6. Cocooned Trees: During flood season in Pakistan, spiders are forced to flee to the trees where their webs create this effect.


7. Danxia Landforms: Over millions of years, the red sandstone and mineral deposits in certain areas of China have created these rainbow-like landforms.


8. Frost Flowers: In arctic areas, these floral ice formations occur when the temperature between the ocean and the atmosphere differs.


9. Green Flash: This rare occurrence when the conditions are right at the end or beginning of a sunset.


10. Hair Ice: Water escaping plants in freezing weather can have this follicle-effect due to certain bacteria presence.


11. Horsetail Falls: In Yosemite National Park, California, this waterfall looks more like lava with a bright orange glow at certain times of the day in February.


12. Lenticular Clouds: Probably mistaken for UFOs by Fox Mulder, these clouds occur when the moist air overflows a mountain.


13. Living Rocks: Not actually rocks, these sea creatures line the beaches of Chile and are completely immobile.


14. Maelstroms: Conflicting tidal waves create these whirlpools that can suck in swimmers and boats.


15. Rainbow Trees: These Australian eucalyptus trees shed their bark to reveal vibrant colors.


16. Assembly Of Crabs: Off the coast of Australia on Christmas Island, the annual migration of nearly 120 million red crabs creates quite a sight as they make their way to the ocean.


17. Steam Towers: Occurring alongside the Northern Lights, these geothermal formations make the area seem even more like a sci-fi movie.


18. Black Sun: Formed by the massive migration of European starlings and can be seen every spring in the skies of Denmark. Check out this video to see this phenomenon in action.


19. Ever-Lasting Storm: The mouth of the Catatumbo River in Venezuela creates weather conditions that lead to 160 consecutive stormy nights.


20. Flowering Desert: Every few years, after a particularly heavy rain, these deserts in Chile sprout flowers.


21. Great Blue Hole: This Belize attraction was formed through erosion way back when the sea level was much lower.


22. Monarch Butterfly Migration: Every year across the United States and Mexico, the beautiful butterflies gather in droves for their migration.


23. Underwater Water Fall: On the island of Mauritius, this sudden dip in ocean depth creates the illusion of an unusual water fall.


24. Volcanic Lightening: When a volcano explodes, the amount of electrical and static charges released can sometimes lead to this firey electrical storm.


25. White Rainbows: The arched fog looks like a ghost of a rainbow.


eBaum’s World via Viral Nova

I have a feeling that double white rainbows are even more rare than the regular kind.

12 Fascinating Images of Unborn Animals in the Womb

The creation of life, whether it be human or animal, is a fascinatingly beautiful and complex process. However with the technology we have today, one that is constantly improving and bettering itself, we can look into the embryo and marvel at the beauty that is the formation of life.

These images are from The National Geographic’s documentary named “Extraordinary Animals in the Womb” by Producer Peter Chinn.

The steps used to acquire such rare imagery was a combination of four-dimensional scanning technology, computer graphics and minuscule cameras. Keep in mind, however, that these are not photographs but rather extremely accurate depictions of what these animals look like in the womb.

Here you can witness for yourself the unbelievable beauty in the embryonic stages of baby animals.



Polar bears








Tiger shark




Lemon shark










Source: Peter Chinn H/T: Diply

5 Tips For Empaths To Prevent Anxiety And Depression


By Amateo Ra| Empaths have now been scientifically proven to be more prone to anxiety, especially social anxiety, as well as depression. To be an Empath means you have the intuitive ability to interpret other’s emotions. However, while interpreting these others emotions, it’s very easy to take them on and let them affect you negatively. Soon, anxiety and depression set in, and life gets way harder than it needs to be. Here’s how to prevent that vicious cycle.

Being Empathic means you have a very powerful gift, the ability to feel what other people feel and use that emotion for good. This can make you a better communicator, a proactive humanitarian, proficient at marketing or simply support you in being a person who naturally understands others needs and feelings.

All gifts that we possess as humans come with great responsibility. Being an Empath is no different.

So, what’s your responsibility? To move through the emotion that gets bottled up in your body.

Since we were children most of us were told to stop crying, be quiet, sit still and shut-up. When we expressed our emotions, we were told to cut it out. Years of this behavior leads to us stifling our natural expression, and in time we become disconnected from our True Selves.

While everyone needs to express their Emotions, Empaths have a much greater responsibility than others? Why? Well, they aren’t just processing their emotions, they are processing others emotions as well.

As an Empath, here are several big tips which will truly support you in preventing anxiety and depression, as well as make great progress in living a happy, healthy & fulfilling life.

1) Create Movement


I was once told that the majority of people have a backlog of unintegrated emotions and life experiences. The primary reason for that backlog? Emotional constipation.

People simply aren’t giving themselves permission to healthily channel and express the emotions that need to move through their bodies. There is a compounding effect to this emotional constipation. Once layer after layer of social anxiety and depression stack up on top of each other and are programmed into our mind & body, life becomes a constantly threatening avalanche of downward spirals.

The solution? To Express Emotion = Energy in Motion

We have to be willing to actually live our lives, and that starts by being brave enough to feel. Ever notice when a friend of yours who is depressed stays in bed watching dramatic movies or tv endlessly. Why? Well, they are secretly craving the emotional expression they are witnessing others have.

There are two ways to approach this. Create motion in your life by exercising, going on adventures or simply mixing up the monotony of your daily life. The other way is to literally practice creating a safe space to express your emotions, which I talk about in the next tip…

2) Practice Catharsis


The actual very definition of Catharsis is the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. It’s worth sharing this is a scientific, psychological understood principle, not just pseudo-spiritual science bs.

Here’s the thing: Repressed Emotions  = De-Pression

The more repressed emotions you are dealing and contending with, the much greater likelihood that you’ll be dealing with depression. The Cure = Expression

Catharsis can happen naturally or can be provoked. Anytime you are crying, screaming, shaking or even lots of laughing, you are releasing. The idea is to become more comfortable at releasing. One way to do that is to provoke catharsis and emotional release.

When I do this, I like to have a private space all to myself. Sometimes it’s in the car, bathtub or alone in my room. I like to cleanse the space and say a little intention. Then I start shaking, tapping pressure points (EFT), and simply start allowing my emotions to rise up and move through my body. Sometimes I weep or get really angry, experience immense joy, and usually it’s a combination of it all. Try it for yourself!

3) Talk to Your Emotions


Did you know there is something called Emotional Literacy? Literally, there is an entire science developed to the ability to understand, interpret and relate to your feelings. In fact it was listed in as one of the core competencies in the book “Know Yourself.”

So here’s a big secret.  There is a firm limit on how far you can evolve spiritually and within your personal development if you’re not emotionally literate. This is especially important for empaths, as you aren’t just navigating your own emotional landscape, but you navigating everyone else’s as well. Better to have a map than be lost in the great watery depths.

Once you can identify and get to know your own feelings and emotions, you can start to create a dialogue. It could like like this:

“I feel angry & upset…Hmm, this is trying to show me something.
Anger, what are you trying to show me?
Oh, that I feel secretly sad. Why am I sad?
Oh, I am missing something..
What’s missing?
I am not getting enough time to be creative in my own space.
I need to be alone and be creative.
How do I feel? Better now. I’ll create that space tonight.”

You’ll be amazed at how much you can receive by simply creating a dialogue and asking questions to yourself.

4) Keep a Clear Container

Often our external reality can reflect our internal World. What we are feeling inside can manifest outward in our lives.  As an empath, you must be extra careful with this, as if you are taking on other’s emotions and internalizing them, then you can be seeing other people’s emotions governing your life.

Anxiety can easily come about when we are worried or uneasy about something, especially in the future. Often, this has to do to how we are relating with the natural uncertainty we have in our lives, which can lead to us feeling out of control.

To prevent these bouts of anxiety, consider the what things you are in control of….your internal self and your surroundings. So keep your internal & external space clean, clear & organized!

I start each day with cleaning my room and house, it symbolizes the inner-cleanliness I am working to maintain in my mind, body and heart. Whether the container is you or your own space, you’ll be so surprised how keeping things well maintained, can truly support keeping you level-headed.

5) Ask for Help & Energetic Support


Lastly, and often most important of all, ask for help. As an empath, it’s not just negative emotion that you are sensitive to picking up. I’d even dare say positive emotion is much more highly infectious.

To prevent anxiety and depression, become familiar with the triggers of when you feel like it’s creeping in. And when you barely start to experience that trigger, that’s exactly when you want to ask for help.

Remember, help comes in a lot of forms. For instance, calling your friend to let them know you feel an emotional funk coming on and you want some positive energy to uplift your spirits, so you go on a hike together. Boom, depression averted, and you go spend time in nature, which is a one of the best tools to prevent and treat depression and anxiety.

Also, as an empath, you are going to be extra-sensitive to energetic support, so remember you can call on your friends to send you prayers and blessings, and you can soak up that good energy to break through those walls.

Here’s to the upwards Spirals of You as an Empathic Super Hero!

Are your emotions getting in your own way? Often, the issue is Resistance. And if you learn how to breakthrough resistance, you’ll never be held back for too long. This eBook should help:

Source: Spirit Science And Metaphysics

Raccoon Has Come Up With A Funny And Annoying Way To Get A Human’s Attention. The Result? Effective


“Rocksy,” the very literally named raccoon, has a trick. When the cat food bowl is empty outside, she’ll go scratching at the sliding glass door. But she doesn’t just use her claws: she picks up a rock and repeatedly rolls it over the glass, making a sound that’s about very annoying.


The video’s poster isn’t angry at Rocksy, at least, despite the fact that the raccoon has scratched up the windows. Rather, she points out that Rocksy is a mama with babies to feed. And sometimes, to feed your babies, you just gotta roll a rock against a window repeatedly until you get more cat food.

He sprints across a field with a mouthful of hay. But watch who he gives it to. I LOVE this!

Scroll for video.
How kind is this horse, knowing his girlfriend can’t go and get hay for herself as she is tied up. It’s really precious

The clip opens with a horse galloping while holding hay in his mouth. At first, it’s easy to assume he’s simply trying to find a cozy place to eat the food. Or perhaps he’s running away so he won’t have to share it with any other horses on the pasture. But, seconds later, we find out that the food isn’t just for him; it’s also for a fellow horse! That’s right, this beautiful horse is running to give the hay to his girlfriend, Layla, who is tied up at the moment and unable to get the food herself.

Just because we don’t understand them doesn’t mean they are not smart.

Via: Surveee

A nurse dips two newborn twins in the tub… But watch what the baby on the left does! I LOVE this!

This video is too beautiful not to share. These two newborns are shown mimicking life in the womb as they are taking a bath, not realizing they have already been born. Life is so precious.

For two newborn siblings taking a bath, that’s exactly what they needed at the time. In a video posted by a French nurse, the newborn twins can’t seem to stop hugging – even when they’re immersed in water.

While the aww-inducing video is remarkable for how the twins interact, newborn nurse Sonia Rochel actually posted it to showcase a new bathing technique for infants.

As France’s The Local notes, Rochel devised the method after years of working with newborns at the Clinique de la Muette in Paris. Her “Baby Spa” technique involves caressing and massaging newborns in a bath for 10 to 15 minutes without any soap. Though the method is meant to be a relaxing experience for both the bather and babies, Rochel warns that parents should not try to reproduce it at home.

These newborn twins are not the first pair that did not want to let go of each other after birth. In another striking case earlier this year, newborn twins in Spain were pictured holding hands in the hospital shortly after birth.

As TODAY Moms points out, “They’re already born, but they might not know it yet. This video of a unique bath is offering an amazing look at what life must like for twins in the womb, with the babies cuddling and embracing as if they were still in their mom’s belly.”


Credits: Spirit Science and Metaphysics, Huffington Post

I Thought It Was Just Water But When I Stepped Back, My Jaw Dropped!

Zaria Forman is no ordinary artist. Her work isn’t just moving and dramatic but the most impressive part…? She paints with her FINGERS. 


Zaria’s art passion and inspiration came as a result of childhood travel trips with her mother to the most remote destinations.





The details in our work are absolutely stunning. My fingers are typically very clumsy; her precision is flawless!




Her work often has underlying environmental themes. For example, the piece above was part of her Maldives series where she wanted to promote awareness of the Arctic polar melt that’s causing rising seas.